Current Work

We are the sponsoring church for:

  • Tenakee Springs Community Church in Tenakee Springs, AK: Todd and Jodie Buck
  • Agape Fellowship in Palmer, AK: Nathaniel & Dominika Buck

Wycliff Missionaries we support

  • Hansen Family, Papua New Guinea
  • Lange Famly, Florida

Members Serving in Other Areas

  • Two people in Asia
  • One person in Africa

Missions Committee

Our church has a missions committee that has determined monthly contributions to the ministries: Love Inc (serving those in need here in Juneau, Alaska), Birchwood Behavioral Health (serving children around Alaska who come to Anchorage for help), and Alaska Correctional Facilities (we have an active prison ministry here in Juneau's Lemon Creek Correctional Center).  The missions committee takes requests and ideas for funds to be used in various, mission oriented ways and prays about how best to go about that.


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