Church Highlights
1963 Dedication service held on September 1, 1963.
Rev. Richard Moore was called to pastor the new work.
1964 In November, the church held its first revival that was preached by Dr. Ray P. Rust of First Baptist Church - Bastrop, Louisiana.
1965 Edward Owens began his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
The church was getting support that year but the church was already beginning a history of giving as well - our gift to the Cooperative Program amounted to $393.00 that year.
1966 Stanley File began his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
1967 Nominations for officers included Mae Callahan and Bob and Barbara Hopson.
Total Disbursements in August, 1967 was $814.51!
Budget for 1967 was $14,000. As of this writing, the current budget for 1992 is $197,080 -
we've come along way!
1969 Olyn Roberts began his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
1970 Construction on the original sanctuary was finished.
1972 W.D. Kirk began his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
Television ministry was taken over from Hollis Bryant of First Baptist. The program was called, "Contact."
Summer missionary program was begun.
A bus ministry was begun.
1974 Preschool was begun in what is now the fellowship hall.
1975 Group from Mississippi arrives to put new peaked roof was built and extra room upstairs was added.
1976 Deaf and handicapped ministry was begun.
1978 Curtis McClain begins his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
1980 Valley Baptist Academy opens it doors.
1983 Ground breaking for school building occurred this year.
1984 School moved into their new building.
1986 Mike Procter begins his preaching ministry at Glacier Valley.
1987 Pelican mission started with Mike Procter flying there to preach. The mission responsibilities later were transferred to Sitka.
Tenakee Springs was also started with Mike Procter preaching and later, missionary Gary Thomas assumed the preaching responsibilities. The mission has since been transferred to Emmanuel Baptist.
1988 The church started a mission in Elfin Cove.
1989 Fellowship hall was remodeled and enlarged.
Skagway mission got its start this year with missionary Hewitt Hazelton.
1990 Church sanctuary was enlarged to its current capacity with the help of missionary team from outside and the faithful members of Glacier Valley.
Douglas Island mission was started with missionary Ralph Duddles in leadership there.
Gary Thomas, from Missouri, starts as missionary in Tenakee Springs.
1991 The Whitehorse mission was started with Mike Procter preaching and continued on with Hewitt Hazelton. The mission incorporated into a church in 1993.
1992 This year saw much construction going on with the church, including reroofing the entire church and parsonage, a covered cross-walk was built and the kitchen remodel was completed.
1993 Church calls new pastor, Randy Smith.
Church participation in mission and cooperative giving is $35,538.00.
1994 Jae McKee, a US2 Missionary, is serving as Youth Minister
Paul Tsika lead revival meetings in June.
Vision 2000 Committee elected to chart vision for church for next several years.
Horace Burns arrived as Interim Pastor
Church purchased the Ferguson property adjoining the church property and parsonage property.
AWANA program is started
1995 Melvin Jones arrives in January to serve as Interim Pastor in Skagway while Hazeltons are in Girdwood
Church calls new Pastor, Royce Christmas.
Youth Evangelism Conference hosted by GVBC.
Parking lot was paved, Praise the Lord!
Church calls Tom Gordy as Minister of Education and Youth.
Guy Crockcroft is serving as Pastor of Douglas Mission.
1996 New hymnals for the church were purchased.
A major revision to the church by-laws was approved.
Vision 2000 Report approved by church.
1997 Hew Hazelton resigned as Pastor of Skagway Mission.
High attendance day in Sunday School - 249!
New director for VBA is Shannon Midkiff.
Youth attended LA '97 Conference in California.
Church sanctuary underwent a major expansion by removing hallway walls, removing pews and replacing with chairs and turning chairs to face the opposite direction.  Sanctuary now seats 200-240 people.
Glacier Valley Messengers made three mission trips that included Tenakee Springs, Gustavus, and Haines.
An emphasis on evangelism resulted in 35 professions of faith, over a 2-month period and resulted in a baptism service being held at the city swimming pool.
Sunday School average attendance for past year is 187.
Todd and Joice Lynn serve as missionaries in Haines.
MOPS ministry is started.
1998 Carpet is replaced in Valley Baptist Academy.
New furnace is installed in church.
Wayne Eurich serves as Interim Pastor.
New Director for Valley Baptist Academy is Sandy King.
GVBC partners with sister church in Russia on Sakhalin Island.
1999 Church calls new Pastor, Greg Clark.
Budget for this year totals $302,000.
GVBC posts their own website on the Internet.
Work team from Plano, Texas comes up to replace fence surrounding church grounds and remodels parsonage kitchen.
2000 Average attendance in Sunday School 155, AWANA 170.
Conceptual drawing for Family Life Center completed and a committee elected to oversee design and construction.
Todd Buck hired to fill the vacant Associate Pastor position.
Youth Mission Teams to Guatemala and Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska during summer.
Middle school youth form their own age youth group.
Sister church partnership started with church in Sakhalinski, Russia.
2001 GVBC agreed to again sponsor a mission in Skagway, Alaska with Chris and Dorothy Grooms as church planters and missionaries.
Major fund raising campaign for Family Life Center kicked off in April.
Family Life Center construction was broke into three phases. Ground was broken for Phase One (site work and foundation) in May and Phase One was completed in early October.
Baby-Grand Piano to enhance worship services was purchased.
Mission giving increased so that now 24.5 percent of undesignated funds goes to missions.
2002 Happy New Year! 
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