Our Beginning
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Glacier Valley Baptist Church in 1968
"Nestled among the Sitka spruce in Glacier Valley some twelve miles north of Juneau, the Capital City of Alaska, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and in sight of beautiful Mendenhall Glacier, sits Glacier Valley Baptist Church. The story of the beginning and growth of this church will warm even the coldest heart and kindle flames of missionary zeal as nothing else can do.
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Faith and determination continues---
GVBC in 1972
The story of Glacier Valley began in early July, 1963, in a room of the Baranof Hotel in Juneau. There two families (Clay and Daisy McDole of Douglas, Alaska and Frank and Grace Lescallette of Greeley, Colorado) met, discussed and prayed for God's Will concerning a mission in the fast-developing community surrounding the airport. A mission seemed necessary to these families and yet, for them alone, an impossibility.
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Valley Baptist Academy building is started in 1983.

As they talked through the long hours, something deep within them seemed to say: "It should be done—do it now!" The more they discussed the work, the more enthused they became.

Finally, a little after midnight, they had prayer before returning home. They were so filled with enthusiasm by this time that they started to call their pastor; but somehow it all seemed like a dream and not wanting to appear foolish, the call was not made.Needless to say, they did not rest well that night. Most of the group were young Christians and yearned to do more for their Savior. We could call them "babes in Christ."

During the following days these people prayed more than they had ever prayed before. They felt God's leadership but wanted to be certain. They knew God's guidance had to be the foundation of this all-important venture.

While meeting again to discuss a new work, I think we could say of them: "If they had just known what lay ahead they would have tried to put it off, or maybe would have said, as we so often do, 'We are not qualified; someone else will have to do it.' However, God had convinced them through His Holy Spirit that they had a job to do regardless of obstacles."

"...Now a little over a year has passed since the first meeting on their own land. Some of the members continued to drive as much as eight miles each Sunday and each Wednesday to join together in worship and in prayer that someday God's Will can be fulfilled to the highest in Glacier Valley. Other families now in their membership and in the vicinity of the church are working side-by-side with them for Jesus' sake.

They have had many hardships and many blessings. They have been on mountain tops with joy and light hearts and they have walked through the shadowed valleys in defeat, but the Spirit of God has been and continues to be, in their services and in their hearts as they lean on Him and seek to follow His leadership.

This small band of Christians has come a long way from that first meeting in a small living room in Thane to a good location with almost three acres of land, a small building and a pastor to head them forward for Christ... "

"When the final pages of Glacier Valley Baptist Church are written, a fitting epitaph for these people should be given by paraphrasing the great Winston Churchill — "NEVER HAVE SO FEW ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE."

—Excerpts from the writings of Dr. W. "Frank" Lescallette, circa 1963

Prior to holding their dedication service on September 1, 1963, twenty-two persons had asked to unite with the church by transfer of membership and are listed below:
Bonnie Estes Bruce Wayne McDole Charles Glynn Estes, Sr.
Daisy L. McDole Charles Glynn Estes, Jr. Phyllis A. McDole
Howard Estes Jeff Martin Mildred Estes
Jeri Martin Joy Martin Melvin B. Gaines
Gloria Gaines Kenneth Martin Kay Gildner
Joan Moore Grace Marie Lescallette Kathleen Ann Shelfer
Rev. Richard Moore William F. Lescallette Ammon C. McDole
George Shelfer

One had asked for baptism and membership on profession of faith. He was John Lancaster.

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